SP4: Quality Assurance and Preservation of African Vegetables During Postharvest for Reducing Food Losses and Improving Nutritional Value, Storability and Food Safety

The main activities within this subproject consist of adopting affordable harvest techniques, postharvest treatments and processing technologies, as well as implementing emerging technologies for optimising transport and storage conditions under unfavourable conditions in order to strengthen a product safety oriented food supply. These adaptations will in turn increase availability and access to high nutritive and safe food of indigenous ALVs in rural and urban/peri-urban areas along the entire food supply chain.


One of the main partners of this subproject is the Max Rubner-Institut (MRI) in Karsruhe, Southern Germany. Read the article on MRI's involvement in HORTINLEA.


Dinah Kirigia is a PhD student in SP4. She wrote a Blog Story telling about her impressions of worktin within HORTINLEA.


Project partners

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